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Argeville design and manufacture in France for nearly one century, its own high value-added raw materials, fragrances, flavours and specialties ingredients.
Our know-how in plant extractions and purifications techniques combined with our team’s expertise and the in-house innovation spirit gives us a competitive advantage to fulfill your requirements, whether it is for personal, home, air care or fine fragrance formulations.
At Argeville, we are obsessive about quality and service. Our affiliated companies in Dubai, Bangkok, New-York, Bogota and Guangzhou supply more than 90 countries. Our customers appreciate our flexibility, our reactivity and our tailor-made solutions.
If you are looking for a reliable partner who adapts to your needs and let you discover the latest trends, contact us.
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Argeville will once again be at the CFIA in Rennes from the 12th to 14th of March – Hall 4 – Stand C15

The food market is changing quickly, turning towards a segment with more natural and organic products, and a search for real taste. To keep up with this trend, Argeville Flavour is launching a range of natural extracts covering a wide number of uses, available as organic and natural products. This range will boost the image of the industry, while offering natural solutions that keep apace with the clean label trend. The Argeville group has chosen to place a specialist ingredient centre at the heart of its business based on the natural product sector and to gear its development towards this area.


New sensory experiences

To meet current market requirements, Argeville will present a selection of raw materials and new sensory experiences.

Argeville will present it’s new patnership with “Heart of Gold” and it’s innovation with the raw materiel : Thanakha. This tree has exceptional vertues in the old traditions of Burma.

Argeville will present also other raw materials such as the the Benjoin, Black Pepper and Ginger.

Constantly seeking to innovate, Argeville will carry you to a new sensual world with the “Powder Brush” and the “Solid Shampoo”. Meet us at the booth L 61.