creating fragrances

Our team of expert perfumers devote themselves to creating fragrances from natural raw materials or ingredients produced using cutting-edge technology.

Evaluation and quality control

Our evaluators follow the latest olfactory trends in the market. In this way, they have an impact on the creation of different fragrances.

At Argeville, we are obsessive about quality: the quality of our products and the quality of our client relationships (flexibility and efficiency).

We have put in place strict procedures to ensure the quality of our raw materials and production units.

This ensures that every product is traceable, and of course Argeville complies fully with all regulations on health and safety and the environment.


Argeville maintains its competitive edge by investing in research and technology. Our research and development teams of chemists and engineers work with the very latest equipment.


Our production is highly automated. All manufacturing, including sampling, packaging and dispatch, is managed by an expert team.

Rigorous working processes

Careful selection of raw materials

Quality control at all stages of production

Every product is traceable

We comply with all national and international standards