In its flavours division, Argeville manufactures and markets a full range of flavourings for use in the food industry.


Of course Argeville meets the strictest health and safety requirements and all environmental standards. We also provide every one of our clients with personal, quality service and rapid reaction times.


A team of flavourists looks after the needs of food industry clients using their extensive knowledge of the markets and current trends. They create sweet and savoury flavours – classic, original or blended – to respond to consumers’ growing expectations. They have developed a range of natural flavours that contain no allergens or additives.


Argeville Flavour is constantly adapting to the demand for innovation by investing in high-performance equipment and developing new techniques. The products are subjected to rigorous quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process.


Argeville is a member of the SNIAA (French national association of food flavouring industries) and has been awarded ISO certification 22000-2005. In this way, the company guarantees that it complies with all relevant national and international laws and it applies the ISO standards to its food safety management system.

Creation of unique flavours

Adaptation to particular applications and laboratory tests

Bespoke service, total confidentiality

Quality-controlled products that meet our clients’ needs

Compliance with national and international regulations